About NeoTech Solutions

NeoTech Solutions is a LAN/WAN consulting firm based in Joplin, Missouri. We specialize in the design, implementation and support of computer networks of all sizes. Our customers range in size from corporations with hundreds of employees to small companies of just a few people. In addition to our consulting offerings, we also offer hardware and software sales, and the latest in hosted services offerings. NeoTech is an authorized reseller for many different hardware and software companies and can provide nearly any information systems product. NeoTech acts as an agent of the customer, handling all purchases, warranty registration, installation, configuration and maintenance. From our secure data center, we offer a wide range of hosting services, from managed server space to complete pay-as-you-go services hosting. Please take a look at our services for more information.

NeoTech also provides Managed I.T. Services. Under a managed services agreement, NeoTech can monitor all of your systems around the clock. If trouble should arise, our state of the art monitoring systems will alert our consultants to the situation. We can then troubleshoot and repair the issue, often before your people even know the problem ever existed. Managed Services give you peace of mind knowing your technology assets are safe, and the fixed cost per month makes it easy to budget and control your I.T. spending. Think of us as the in-house information systems department that you don’t necessarily need full time, all the time.

NeoTech’s mission is to assist our customers in bringing success to their technology endeavors. We offer experienced, certified and professional technicians in all areas of LAN/WAN design and management. We provide services that range from concept to implementation and solutions that use proven technologies. Our practical, vendor neutral approach assures our customers a solution that is based on their needs both now and looking forward. From our point of view, the true needs of the customer are the most important. Organizations want a system designed to fit their specific needs. In some cases, the latest-greatest-newest thing may not be the best solution, but if it is, be assured that our technicians are up-to-date with the latest technology.

We consider the expertise of our staff to be our most important asset. Please take a look at our Corporate Resume for more details. Whether you need a simple upgrade, an entire network implementation, or just some extra support, NeoTech is here to support you.

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