Company History

NeoTech’s founder, David Endicott, started his first job in the computer industry in the Summer of 1985. He was 16 years old. By 1997, he had 12 years of personal computing and networking experience in a variety of industries including manufacturing, healthcare and education. His experiences led him to believe that there was a significant need for a networking services provider in southwest Missouri and across the four state area. In October of that same year, David left behind his consulting position with Computer Sciences Corporation and founded NeoTech Solutions here in his home town of Joplin, Missouri.

In 2002 we expanded our product portfolio beyond network services to include hardware and software sales. Adding product sales to the NeoTech portfolio put us in a position to provide complete business solutions to our customers. In 2006 we completed the construction of the NeoTech datacenter. From this facility, we are able to provide an entirely new line of services ranging from Virtual Desktop to complete application services hosting. See our Services page for more information on these exciting offerings.

From system concept to hardware and software acquisition, to installation and maintenance, NeoTech is prepared and equipped to provide our customers with the service and products they need.

We have evolved greatly both in scope of offerings and in experience since the company was founded, however, our focus on providing the highest quality of networking expertise hasn’t changed. See our corporate resume for more detail on our wide range of experience.

It is the expertise we have compiled through our combined experiences that makes NeoTech such a valuable asset to our customers. It is our commitment to continue to expand our knowledge base through company growth, training, research and innovation in the areas of local and wide area networking.