Backup & Disaster Recovery

At NeoTech Solutions, we know firsthand the devastation that disasters can leave in their wake. In March of 2010, we suffered a fire that nearly gutted our headquarters building. All of our critical systems were recovered and back on line in 44 hours with no data loss at all. The experience taught us that even though all of our systems were protected and recoverable, the amount of time required to completely recover those systems was much longer than we expected. We adjusted our procedures and made improvements to our disaster recovery plans.
We were able to put those plans to the test just 14 months later. In May of 2011, one of the most powerful F5 tornadoes ever recorded swept through Joplin, Missouri taking most of our headquarters with it. Just like the last disaster, we were able to recover all systems with no data loss. But unlike last time we were able to finish the process in just 11 hours.

Nobody understands better than we do how one fire, storm, flood or other disaster can take out all of your vital company data in the blink of an eye. Fortunately, NeoTech Solutions offers data backup and disaster recovery solutions to ready your organization for any disaster that comes your way. Our experts will safeguard your mission critical systems and data so that recovery is seamless. If you’re uncertain about which disaster recovery solutions to implement, don’t worry. We’ll sit down and discuss what strategies would be most effective to keep your mission critical systems and data safe from harm. We will also test those solutions, so that you can rest easy knowing that your systems can be back up and running quickly.

Let us put our firsthand experience in disaster recovery to work for your business