Data Center Services

Your business depends on your systems being up and available 24x7x365. That kind of reliability requires the right kind of dedicated facilities. Protected power, proper cooling, physical security, and constant monitoring are all required to keep systems up and running. Rather than invest the huge amount of capital required to build and maintain a computer facility, many businesses are looking to data centers to provide these services.

NeoTech owns a data center that is located in a highly secure underground facility just 80 miles from our headquarters. This facility meets the highest standards for datacenter security and reliability. With our equipment safely 185 feet under a solid limestone mountain, we can provide secure services including hosting, data storage, backup, warm site and hot site services. Or if you already own your equipment, we can co-locate your gear in our racks giving them a safe home from which to operate. All of our data center devices are monitored around the clock and because we own the equipment, we are free to reconfigure, replace or upgrade as we need to support your critical business systems.

Businesses can’t work optimally if the hardware and software that support their systems are not functional. With our outsourced service, you can leverage our facility and our team of experts who are always available to help.

Find out how a real data center can help your business. Get in touch with NeoTech Solutions today..