In recent years a new technology has made a huge impact on the I.T. industry, virtualization. In a nutshell, virtualization allows you to chop the resources of one of more large servers into smaller "slices" that can each be used as a separate computer. Using virtualization in the design of you system allows for the ability to incorporate features that would be difficult or costly to implement with out it. Examples include, hardware fault tolerance, the ability to perform maintenance or upgrades without downtime, and the ability to recover from disasters very quickly. At NeoTech Solutions we were early adopters of virtualization technology and use it extensively in our own data center. We are a vmWare enterprise partner and maintain expertise in most other virtualization platforms as well.

If you choose to virtualize your technology with NeoTech Solutions, you can have peace of mind knowing that you can virtually eliminate downtime. If you don’t think a cloud solution is right for you, consider virtualizing to get the most out of your IT systems.

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